“Hospitable Hosts” by Jodie Stirling 

Are you interested in the Short-Term Rental Industry or looking to become an Airbnb host? Delve into the captivating world of hospitality with “Hospitable Hosts” book – a compelling collection of true-life stories written by professional hosts from around the globe, including Australia, Japan, USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom.

In this book, you will discover the personal journeys of these exceptional hosts as they share their passion for hosting and reveal the secrets behind their success. Their heartwarming stories will make you laugh, tug at your heartstrings, and leave you inspired to follow in their footsteps.

Featuring an impressive lineup of hosts, including Jodie Stirling, Mark Simpson, Julie George, and many others, each story introduces you to their most memorable guests, showcasing extraordinary encounters that range from finding love to saving lives. Through their experiences, you’ll gain valuable insights on building a thriving hosting business that provides financial freedom.
Whether you’re already an Airbnb host, dream of becoming one, or are simply curious about the industry, “Hospitable Hosts” offers an enjoyable and enlightening read that will leave you eager to create your own hospitable haven.
Get ready to embark on a journey around the world through the eyes of these incredible hosts. Discover the power of hospitality and be inspired to turn your dreams into reality. Order your copy of “Hospitable Hosts” today and unlock the potential of becoming a professional host in the Short-Term Rental Industry.

“Million Dollar Host” by Julie George

Discover the Secrets to Becoming a Million Dollar Host with Julie George’s Airbnb Success Guide! In her book, Million Dollar Host, Julie George shares her journey from listing her first property on Airbnb to building a thriving, highly profitable business. With over 1.43 million dollars in bookings and counting, Julie reveals her expert strategies to help you tap into the lucrative sharing economy and achieve financial freedom. Whether you already own a rental or not, Julie’s insider tips and shortcuts will empower you to create a successful Airbnb venture. Learn how to maximize your listings, find new properties to manage, and build a multi-million-dollar business anywhere in the world. If you dream of being your own boss and earning a substantial income, Million Dollar Host is your roadmap to success in the booming Airbnb industry!

“The Book Direct Playbook” by Mark Simpson

Learn how to get more direct bookings for your short-term rental properties with “The Book Direct Playbook” by Mark Simpson, founder of Boostly. This guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you find and attract your ideal guests, optimize your business systems, leverage social media, and convert online travel agency bookings into direct ones. Say goodbye to relying on big-name platforms and hello to full-sum profits!

Using this powerful guide, you will:

  • Find and attract your ideal guest using a step-by-step, targeted approach to creating a customer avatar, identifying your ideal guest, and scoring big with every single one
  • Structure your business and implement the best systems, including optimized mobile-friendly websites, customer management systems, and lead generation tools
  • Learn Mark’s secret sauce to leveraging social media, with insights from his company Boostly – a recipient of the Best Use of Social Media 2020 award at The Shortyz
  • Deep dive into the easiest ways that business owners like you can convert an online travel agency booking into a direct one

“The Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide” by Rick Wong

The book “The Entrepreneurial Airbnb Hosting Guide” is a comprehensive and practical guide for aspiring and experienced hosts looking to excel in the competitive world of short-term rental hosting on Airbnb. Authored by an experienced entrepreneur, the book covers essential topics such as creating a compelling listing, optimising pricing strategies, maximising occupancy rates, providing exceptional guest experiences, and managing finances effectively. With a focus on both financial success and guest satisfaction, this guide serves as an indispensable resource to help hosts transform their Airbnb ventures into thriving and profitable businesses.

This book is a detailed step by step guide in building a self sustaining Airbnb business from an entrepreneur who has manage 50+ properties with over $2 million in revenues. You learn the nitty gritty details that only experience host knows and only now being written about. In this book you will learn about:

  • Step by step on how to get your place ready for Airbnb
  • How to get Airbnb quickly
  • Take photos that will blow your competition out of the water
  • How to do proper SEO on your Airbnb listing
  • Market research, how to find best ROI Airbnbs in your area
  • How to automate your Airbnb business
  • Hacks to fast track your way to become Airbnb Superhost!

“How to Set Up and Run a Successful Airbnb Business” by Frank Eberstadt

Want to gain full independence and control over your finances? Tired of working the same job day-in and day-out? Ever thought about becoming your own boss and deciding when you want to work? If you’ve been playing with the idea of starting your own Airbnb side hustle, you’re not alone.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • The simple 6-step framework for launching an Airbnb listing from scratch
  • The 4 primary types of Airbnb accommodations and which one you should use for your property
  • How to calculate the profitability of your Airbnb listing — always look at these 5 factors
  • Airbnb Insurance: what’s included and what additional coverage you might need
  • The 7 best safety tips for Airbnb hosts
  • The subtle difference between a house manual and house rules
  • 3 core components of any effective Airbnb listing — focus on THIS element above all others
  • How to automate these behind-the-scenes processes for your Airbnb business
  • 9 signs that starting your own short-term rental business is the perfect fit for you