Starting a Co-Hosting Partnership: A Checklist of Questions for Property Owners


Have you recently joined the Experienced co-host program by Airbnb? Or have you been approached by a property owner to help them with managing their property? Whether you’re a seasoned co-host or just embarking on this exciting journey in the dynamic world of vacation rentals, one thing remains constant: the importance of effective communication and partnership with property owners.

In Australia’s vibrant vacation rental market, successful co-hosting hinges on building a strong rapport and understanding with property owners right from the start. By asking the right questions and establishing clear expectations, you can set the stage for a mutually beneficial partnership that ensures both you and the property owner are on the same page.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the crucial questions to ask when engaging with new property owners. These questions will not only help you gather essential information about the property but also foster trust and clarity, laying the foundation for a successful co-hosting experience. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, read on to ensure you’re well-equipped to navigate your co-hosting journey with confidence.

Property Details:

  1. What type of property do you own? (Apartment, house, cottage, etc.)
  2. How many bedrooms and bathrooms does the property have?
  3. How many guests can your property accommodate?
  4. What makes your property location unique? (I.e. a walking distance to the beach, close to the local hospital, a short drive to the CBD, etc.)
  5. Are you the owner of the property or are you renting? (Don’t just assume that only property owners would be inquiring about renting their home).

Insurance and Liability:

  1. Do you have property insurance, and does it cover short-term rentals?

Listing Setup:

  1. Do you have an existing Airbnb listing or would you need assistance with setting one up from scratch?
  2. Would you need help in writing the description and selecting the settings of the listing?
  3. Are you open to having professional photos taken of the property?

Booking Platforms:

  1. Are you interested in maximising your property’s visibility through a variety of platforms to attract a wider range of guests?
  2. Are you comfortable with and open to direct bookings from guests, bypassing booking platforms and their associated fees?

Availability and Bookings:

  1. Are you looking to rent the property full time or for a limited time while you are away on holidays?
  2. Are there any specific blackout dates when the property is unavailable?
  3. Do you have any restrictions on minimum or maximum booking lengths?
  4. Are you aware of any local rules and regulations that may affect availability? (For example, in Sydney, NSW, a non-hosted property can be rented out under 180 days per year as a short-term rental).

Pricing and Fees:

  1. What is your nightly rate expectation?
  2. Would you be open to offering a weekly and monthly discount to attract longer bookings?
  3. Is there a minimum weekly income you need to achieve to cover expenses (mortgage payments, strata fees, utility bills, etc.)?
  4. Are you familiar with dynamic pricing software and how it works?

Amenities and Maintenance:

  1. What amenities are available to guests (Wi-Fi, parking, gym, pool, etc.)?
  2. How do you handle property maintenance and repairs? Is there a regular gardening/pool maintenance service?
  3. Do you have two sets of high quality linen for each of the beds?

Guest Requirements:

  1. Do you have any specific guest preferences or restrictions (e.g., no pets, age restrictions)?

Guest Communication:

  1. How would you prefer to handle guest inquiries and communication? Once the inquiry comes in, are you happy for the co-host to take the lead and respond?

Property Access and Keys:

  1. How will guests access the property (lockbox, keyless entry, etc.)?
  2. Are you happy for the co-host to hold spare keys to be able to access the property in case of emergencies? (Imagine if the guests lock themselves out of the house).

House Rules and Policies:

  1. What are your house rules and policies that guests must follow?
  2. Are there any neighborhood-specific regulations that guests should be aware of?

Cleaning and Housekeeping:

  1. Are you prepared to pay for the initial clean to prepare the property for the first guests?
  2. Cleaning between bookings is normally paid by the guests and managed by the co-host. How would you like to process cleaning payments (usually cleaning fees are included in total booking fee and deposited into the owner’s account)?
  3. Would you rather pay for linen hire or for the co-host to incorporate linen fee into the cleaning fees?

Co-Hosting Agreement:

  1. Are you happy to sign a formal co-hosting agreement to outline all the details? Download a free contract template here.
  2. What is the termination process for the partnership if needed?

Embarking on a co-hosting partnership with property owners can be a rewarding venture. By asking the right questions and establishing trust from the beginning, you pave the way for a thriving collaboration. 

Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below. Have you recently started a co-hosting partnership or have valuable insights to add to this checklist? We’d love to hear about your experiences and any additional questions you find crucial when partnering with property owners!