Terms of Service

These terms of service are to regulate your use of www.myperfecthost.com.au, a platform  dedicated to connecting homeowners and professional property managers and other service providers. You hereby agree to be fully and legally bound by these terms of service anytime you access, browse, list your property or services on, or use the MyPerfectHost platform in any other way. Please do not use this website if you disagree in any way with any of the following terms.


MyPerfectHost is an online platform that allows homeowners to connect with and hire professional managers for the purpose of managing their properties.

You however understand and accept that we are not ourselves property owners, neither do we operate in the capacity of a property manager. Our services entail and are limited to facilitating a connection between short term rental property owners and professional managers.


a) Under these terms of service, these following words/phrases shall be thus defined:

b) Us/we: Used interchangeably, this shall mean MyPerfectHost

c) Host: A homeowner who makes his home available for short term rental services and who uses the MyPerfectHost platform to connect with a professional property manager/co-host.

d) Co-host: This shall refer to a professional property manager who uses MyPerfectHost platform to connect with a Host/homeowner for the purpose of managing the homeowner’s property.

e) User: This shall refer to both host and co-host

f) You/your: Used interchangeably, this means a user, whether a host or a co-host.


The copyright in all the materials found on this website is held by MyPerfectHost. We allow users to copy and download materials from our website for both personal and non-personal, money-making use, with the proviso that such materials are not modified or altered and that all copyright and proprietary notices within such materials are kept as they are. This permission automatically ends if you violate any of these provisions.


To be able to use some parts of our website as a host or a co-host, we will request you to fill a registration form, and this will require you to provide private information like name, State of residence, e-mail address, home address, phone number and bank/payment details/information.

1) You must specify whether you are registering as a homeowner or as a service provider.

2) You hereby attest that any private information that you provide to us, during and after the registration process are complete, honest, and accurate. Once we receive your request to register an account with us, we will determine in our sole discretion whether to grant that request or not.

3) You understand and accept that granting the ability to open user accounts or otherwise shall be done at our discretion, without the need to give reasons as to our final decision and decision-making process.

4) We may ask for additional information, materials and documentation from any user, as we, in our discretion, deem necessary.

5) After registration has been completed, we may erase your account if your personally provided information is found to be wrong, false or deliberately misleading.

6) Once registered, MyPerfectHost will give you access to a personal user account. We expect you to keep your account information safe and secure once the registration process is complete. Every activity that is connected with your personal MyPerfectHost account shall be deemed your responsibility, and you must at all times maintain the safety and confidentiality of your MyPerfectHost account details.

7) You are mandated to immediately notify us if you believe that an unauthorized third party has breached the confidentiality of your account without authorization.

8) You understand and accept that we have the right to monitor conversations between users, and that we may at any time without prior notice request any user to provide additional information to verify such a user’s identity.


You understand and accept that MyPerfectHost are not partnered or affiliated with any short term rental property platform such as Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO or similar.


As a MyPerfectHost user, you have the responsibility of obtaining all permits and licenses necessary to operate in your field and to grant all permissions necessary under this agreement. This means that homeowners must possess all legal documentations as per their properties while co-hosts must have all required property managing licenses, as per their jurisdictions.


All users must be properly registered and are personally responsible for declaring their own taxes to the appropriate government authorities.


We will consider and treat any communication transmitted by users to our website (either by e-mail or otherwise), including but not constrained to any information, questions, comments, and suggestions as non-proprietary and non-confidential. You thereby grant MyPerfectHost the right to use anything transmitted or posed by you for any purpose, including without restriction reproduction, broadcast, publication, disclosure, transmission, and posting. 

While any user content you provide stays your property, you grant MyPerfectHost (by making available such user content) an irrevocable, international, continuous, transferrable, royalty-free license, with the rights to modify, duplicate, sub-license, distribute, publicly perform, openly show, make derivative works of, and to otherwise use the user content in any way without additional notice to or permission from you, and compensation to you.